Bear Paw Cafe

75 North Main St., St. George, UT  84770

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daily 7am-3pm

Cuisine: breakfast and brunch

An elegant way to spend a breakfast, brunch or lunch.

Founder: The Pizzuto Family
Established: 1998

Bear Paw was started in St George in 1998 by the Pizzuto family who still owns it today. Rani Tarlton has been a manager here since 2003 and has seen it go through a lot of changes. We are also currently managed by Jo Miller who has been at the head since 2012. We moved into this building following Mama Edy’s reign here. You can still see the initials, ME, carved in the wood at the front cash stand. Bear Paw originated in Anchorage AK, there is a painting of the original building in the south west corner of the dining room. The artwork on the walls is our owners personal collection and are very much admired by all. They are quite the conversation starter and have been host to several “I spy with my little eye” games over the years. Anytime you walk the back hall to the restrooms, you can hear the chuckles of folks looking at the cowboy golf paintings that are hanging there. We have been asked over the years, many a time, as to why we don’t move and/or expand. The answer, It just wouldn’t be the same! We like it here in the downtown area and the atmosphere just wouldn’t be the same somewhere else. While you wait, which happens often as we are so small and so popular, you could wander over to the antique shop next door or the toy store across the street and find some treasure to take with you on your way. We hope that you will bring your family in to experience the taste and atmosphere of the Bear Paw! See you soon!